Series 1 Land Rover - no such thing as too small a job!

Who said the Series 1 Land Rover is not being made anymore?!

We were delighted to be asked about a 'different' paint job. One of our established customers gave us the challenge. He is a man with lots of grandchildren and a passion for classic cars. He owns several Jaguars that we have rebuilt for him over the last few years. His latest challenge was not a classic car restoration but was different to put in mildly.

As a talented 'do it yourselfer'  himself he had built out of wood a Land Rover made from original plans which was intended to carry four children or one adult and two kids. He had made an excellent job of the car mechanics, which included two starter motors driving the rear wheels, along with some electronics which allows for an accelerator, breaks and headlights. The shell of the car was bare wood (a bit different from our usual classic bodies) and he wanted the car in gloss and original Land Rover green.

Needless to say offered the challenge we were keen to return a perfect paint job. Following some research into base paints for wood the finish is now near perfect as seen in the picture below. The gloss has no orange peel, dents, dinks and a very happy customer who has kindly returned the favour by letting us have some photos of the car in action - in mud, water and lots of laughter from four 'driving' kids!

Long term we don't expect any rust to break through but we are expecting significant repairs to dented wings!

Land Rover paint work
Land Rover in action