Surely this is car abuse?

As true lovers of Classic Cars we have been appalled to see so many beautiful and potentially valuable cars left outside during this awful winter - and are putting a call out to care for your Classic Car!

Now the bad weather is with us (is it ever not?) with storms which include 80 mph winds, rain and hailstones it is more vital than ever to ensure your car is protected - and this is where Glamorgan Classic Cars can help.

Our stored cars are kept under wraps, dry and available to their owners on request. Most cars are stored over winter because of bad weather but an increasing number of cars have a 'home' with us particularly if the owner lives in a city without safe storage, garage or at risk of street vandalism.

Classic Car Storage

We offer a wide range of care varying from simple 'cover up' and "I'll pick up my car after the extension", to the luxury of storage with regular cleaning, start up, MOT and servicing. This facility can be further extended to a delivery and pick up service. Alternatively on warm dry days customers can take a trip to Glamorgan Classic Cars, drop off the day car and drive off for work or pleasure in their pride and joy. They can then return when the weather changes to pick up their own day car which can also be valeted, serviced and MOTd on request.

So whether you use us for storage, or find your own safe facility -  whatever the weather ensure you protect your prized Classic Car appropriately (it may save you a visit to us for an unexpected body repair!)