Storage and Servicing  

With the ever increasing value of your car, safe, dry storage is essential.

Glamorgan Classic Cars will not only store your prized asset securely, but can also ensure it is road ready whenever you want it.


Our enclosed workshop and storage space is fully insured and also protected by our 24 hour Red Care alarm system. This system links to the local police station, ensuring immediate police response should the alarm be triggered.

Road Ready:

Your classic car will not only be kept clean, dry and secure, it will be looked after by a team of specialists to ensure it is safe and ready to drive whenever you want it.

You can choose a standard of service to suit your needs, and this could include:

  • Secure storage with 24 hour car access
  • Collection and Delivery service
  • Regular engine starts, levels checked, short drives to keep parts moving 
  • Professional valeting prior to use

All of our storage options come with a free annual MOT.


Storage at Glamorgan Classic Cars starts at £25 + VAT per car per week and includes a free annual MOT.

Do call us if you would like to find out more about storing your classic car securely.